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Unleash the awesome power
of positive reinforcement!

Recommended Equipment & Products

Premier martingale collars

Premier Easy Walk harnesses

Premier Gentle Leader head collars

Freedom No-Pull Harness by 2 Hounds Design

Latigo leather leashes from Max 200

i-Click clickers

Target sticks

Treat dispensing toys

“Skinneeez” — plush squeaky toys without stuffing, great for tugging

Happy Howie’s Gourmet Meat Rolls — cut it into small pieces as training treats

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers

Wellness Pure Rewards Jerky Bits

Recommended Books

Available at

Clothier, Suzanne. Bones Would Rain from the Sky

Donaldson, Jean. The Culture Clash

Dunbar, Ian. How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks

Dunbar, Ian. Before & After Getting Your Puppy

Killion, Jane. When Pigs Fly: Training Success with Impossible Dogs

McConnell, Patricia. The Other End of the Leash

Miller, Pat. The Power of Positive Dog Training

Pryor, Karen. Don’t Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training

Rutherford, Clarice and David H. Neil. How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With

Scidmore, Brenda, and Patricia McConnell. Puppy Primer

Recommended Web Sites and Online Videos

  1. is a free Web site for dog lovers —
    a daily magazine with news, blogs and articles about dog behavior

  2. BulletClicker Solutions is a Web site and mailing list dedicated to helping pet owners improve the relationship with their pets by teaching training and management techniques which are understandable and reinforcing to both human and animal.

  3. is the online home of Suzanne Clothier and her Relationship Centered Training approach.

  4. Bullet“Shaping Polite Walking with a High Rate of Reinforcement” is a 3-part tutorial on loose leash walking by Helix Fairweather, KPA CTP and Lynn Martin, KPA CTP. This is a 100% positive reinforcement method for building your dog's ability to walk on a slack leash.  • Part 1   • Part 2   • Part 3

  5. Bullet“How to Teach ‘Leave It’ without Intimidation”  is an excellent YouTube video from KikoPup (AKA clicker trainer Emily Larlham).

  6. BulletTeaching Your Dog to “Drop”  by Chirag Patel (owner of Domesticated Manners in the UK) shows how to teach your dog to drop whatever is in his mouth--even a hot dog.

  7. Bullet“CIA Case File: 'Tucker' Nail Trim” is an award-winning video by CaninesInAction showing the use of clicker training to teach a dog to calmly accept having his nails trimmed: a history of Tucker's behavior and his biting/aggression during handling and grooming, followed by a time-coded progression of using clicker training and splitting to successfully accomplish a nail trim on a very calm dog.