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“I have had many dogs and many trainers over the years, but until I met Nancy I really didn’t know what training was supposed to be. I have to say that she is completely devoted and excellent.  She has unbelievable patience and reinforces her training positively. Her techniques are invaluable and she taught me how to handle Sammy. Both Sammy and I are so grateful to her. When Sammy sees her he is so excited, I just can’t say enough good things about her.”

Roberta H. and Samson, Australian Shepherd

Fresh Meadows, NY

“We knew the moment we met Nancy that she was the person we wanted to help us train our Lab puppy. Nancy has been Sam’s trainer since he was four months old. He was so full of energy he was uncontrollable.  We could not even have company, he would be sitting on their laps on the sofa. Sam is four years old now and is the sweetest and most well behaved dog, thanks to her. It always amazes us how she is able to elicit just the response and behavior we want in such a gentle and loving way. Never with force or punishment — always positive and fun. Nancy worked with us and our six year old daughter as if we were her own family. We will continue our training sessions as there is always something new and fun to learn. With Nancy’s help, there are no limits to what we can teach Sam.  It is worth every penny. We are so grateful to you, Nancy, and Sam loves you too!!!”

Lisa & Kris K. and Sam, Labrador Retriever 

Briarcliff Manor, NY

“Nancy Field has been working privately with me and my good dog, Lily, since shortly after Lily came to our house. Nancy is a gifted dog trainer and a pleasure to work with. Lily and I both took to her immediately.  Nancy is able to communicate well with both humans and dogs — I find that I am able to implement her techniques much more readily than I have been able to do with other trainers. The gentle approach she takes works wonders. I have yet to stump her with a question and she is very generous with her knowledge and experience. I highly recommend working with Nancy. So does Lily!”

Virginia S. and Lily, Bouvier de Flandres

Harrison, NY

“Nancy recently worked closely with me and my
9-month old Miniature Pinscher Chico. I found Nancy extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, patient and  effective.  

Nancy takes the time upfront to really understand your pet's background and to understand what your/his training priorities are. This allows her to customize training sessions in terms of what you and your pet need most.  That said, Nancy is also incredibly flexible in changing those plans as needed. For example, I found that I was going to have to travel to Mexico with Chico much sooner than I ever expected. He had never been in a travel bag or on a flight. Nancy was able to rapidly shift the focus of our session to getting Chico comfortable in his travel "baggie" The results were truly remarkable and Chico was able to travel to Mexico patiently in his travel bag only about a week and a half later. 

Nancy will give you direction on what to focus on between sessions (homework if you will) but that is quite useful because it recognizes that some training will require practice, time and patience when she is not with you and your pet.” 

Efren O. and Chico, Miniature Pinscher

New York, NY

Although we've had dogs before, Maggie was our first shelter dog and suffered from severe separation anxiety, acting out destructively whenever we left the house. Nancy was literally a lifesaver. Her gentle and effective techniques in dealing with this and other issues as well as general training have turned this dog into a happy, confident, and lovable pet. A total success story! We cannot recommend Nancy strongly enough.”

Sharon D. & Roger N. and Maggie, Australian Cattle Dog mix

Hastings on Hudson, NY

“We got our 9-week old puppy Corgi and asked Nancy to help us with dog training starting the second day we had Kirby. Nancy not only helped train Kirby but helped educate us as well. Living in a small 1BR apartment , she gave us very valuable information about owning a dog in the city, how to manage a working schedule and care for his day-to-day needs. She taught us a great deal across a number of topics ranging from crate and potty training to setting up our dog area to getting along with our cats. She’s very caring, accommodative and has a wealth of information to share. We’re very happy about the training classes and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for dog training.”

Mike Z. & Tiff C. and Kirby, Pembroke Welsh Corgi

New York, NY

“If you're looking for a dog trainer, Nancy Field is IT. I recently rescued an older dog who had
no knowledge of basic commands and within several weeks she has caught on due to Nancy's knowledge, patience and compassion—not only for the dogs—but for me—the human! She has
a wonderful calm demeanor and really knows her stuff! Check her out.”

Liz G. and Bella, German Shepherd Dog

New York, NY

“We rescued a Beagle mix in December who went thru a lot of trauma from being in a shelter, to a foster family, to our apartment. She is the sweetest dog but had a really tough time adjusting.

We decided to use Nancy as our trainer and we saw immediate positive changes in our dog's demeanor, her obedience, and her bubbling personality. Nancy has so much knowledge and not only worked one on one with our dog Maddie, but she worked with us as owners, answering questions and giving invaluable advice.

Maddie came a long way with Nancy's help, and we decided to save our last session with her until our new born arrived. Maddie was very curious and a little jealous, but Nancy gave us sage advice before our baby was born, and afterwards taught us and our dog how to best behave with the little one around.

We couldn't be happier with how our new family is getting along and would recommend Nancy to anyone looking for help training their dog and anyone who needs more insight into the hows, whats, and whys of their behaviors—which I believe is all of us!”

Tom D. & Nanci P. and Maddie, Beagle mix

New York, NY

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